Improving the Safety of Goods Transport, Directorate General of Hubdat Disseminates Light Reflecting Stickers

16 Jun 2022, 07:46

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BANDA ACEH (30/5/2022) - The use of Light Reflecting Stickers has been regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number PM 74 of 2021 concerning Motor Vehicle Safety Equipment. The installation procedure and specifications for the sticker have also been regulated in the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation. However, its implementation in the field still does not meet our expectations. For this reason, socialization activities of this kind need to be continued and their effectiveness increased. This was conveyed by the Director of Road Transportation Facilities, Directorate General of Land Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Danto Restyawan, when virtually opening the 2022 Road Safety Socialization activity. The activity with the theme "Improving the Safety of Transportation of Goods Through Correct Use of Reflective Light Stickers" was held in Banda Aceh City (30 /5).

Road transport safety is a major issue that needs to be addressed better. Data from the National Police shows that the number of accidents in Indonesia per year is still quite high, at 100 thousand with the number of deaths still at 25 thousand. This means that every hour there are about 3 lives lost due to accidents on our roads.

Danto continued, "A number of accidents that claimed many victims have continued to occur recently, especially those involving buses and trucks, where this has resulted in quite large losses." According to him, back and side collisions are one of the most common accidents. "The reason is because the driver's visibility of the vehicle in front of him is not very clear due to a dark environment or lack of lighting. Or due to a large speed gap, more than 30 km/hour," he added. Danto thinks that one way to reduce the number of accidents is by installing Light Reflecting Stickers (Additional APCs).

Danto said, "The correct use of reflecting stickers, both technical specifications and installation procedures, will be able to reduce the risk of rear-end crashes, which currently still occur a lot, especially at night."

The implementation of this Road Safety Socialization Activity aims to socialize the importance of using light-reflecting stickers in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation Number 74 of 2021 concerning Motorized Vehicle Safety Equipment and the Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation concerning Technical Guidelines for Additional Light Reflecting Devices on Motorized Vehicles, Trailers, and Patch Trains. , where the Additional Light Reflecting Device or Light Reflecting Sticker has become one of the technical requirements that must be fulfilled by the vehicle, which is obliged to periodically test the type of goods car.

Some of the materials presented in this activity included: Regulations on Additional Light Reflecting Devices presented by Joko Kusnanto, from the Directorate of Road Transportation Facilities; Technical Specifications for Light Reflecting Stickers by Ogik Giarno, from PT. 3M Indonesia; Public Transportation Company Safety Management System, presented by Heri Prabowo, from the Directorate of Road Transportation Facilities; and Field Visits and Practices for Installing Reflective Stickers, which were carried out at the Santan Goods Terminal in Banda Aceh.

This activity was attended by approximately 50 participants who were physically present who were representatives of the Aceh Provincial Transportation Service, Regency/City Transportation Service in Aceh Province, BPTD Region I Aceh Province, and Goods Transport Companies in Aceh Province. In addition, ±500 participants were also present virtually through Zoom Meetings from the Provincial/District/City Transportation Offices, Heads of BPLJSKB and BPTDs throughout Indonesia, public transportation companies throughout Indonesia, and associations of public transportation companies throughout Indonesia.

This activity in Banda Aceh City is the beginning of a series of Road Safety Socialization which was carried out in several other provinces, in collaboration with the Directorate General of Land Transportation with PT. 3M Indonesia. (CAS/PTR/EI)