Preventing Accidents, Directorate General of Hubdat Increases Supervision of Tourism Transport

30 Jun 2022, 02:53

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JAKARTA (30/06) – The Ministry of Transportation through the Directorate General of Land Transportation will increase bus supervision, especially for tourism transportation.

"Along with the rise of traffic accidents, especially tourism buses, we at the Directorate General of Land Transportation will increase supervision for buses, both AKAP and Tourism. Moreover, last Sunday (26/06) there was a series of accidents on the Purbaleunyi KM 92 toll road towards Jakarta, we are also concerned about this incident," said Director of Road Transport, Suharto on Thursday (30/06).

In his statement, Suharto stated that the Directorate General of Customs and Information together with the Regional Government would oversee the operation of tourism transportation, including the presence of buses and bus crews at tourist attractions.

"We together with the Regional Government will make a number of efforts to prevent traffic accidents for bus transportation, one of which is a transportation safety campaign. The target of our safety campaign is for bus operators and drivers," added Suharto.

In addition, he explained that the presence of SPIONAM (Transport and Multimodal Online Licensing System) is expected to make it easier for the public to check the validity of public transportation to be used whether it is registered or not. In the SPIONAM it is stated when the validity period of the vehicle test is also the validity period of certain vehicle supervision cards.

"By using SPIONAM, the supervision of tourism transportation services is also indirectly carried out by the community and this is believed to be more effective because the community is also a user of tourism transportation. Especially for tourism transportation services, we have now entered the stage of safety emergency so that in the near future we will make an MoU as a joint commitment from stakeholders such as the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of PUPR, Kemenparekraf, and Korlantas Polri. These institutions will work according to their respective tupoksi within the same time period and with the same object,” Suharto concluded. (HS/PTR/EI)