Jakarta - The Ministry of Transportation held a working meeting with Commission V of the DPR RI to discuss the evaluation of the implementation of Eid transportation in 2022 on Monday (20/6). Commission V of the DPR RI expressed appreciation to the government in this case the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of PUPR, Kakorlantas Polri, Basarnas, BMKG and all relevant stakeholders regarding the successful implementation of Eid transportation in 2022.

"We express our gratitude and appreciation to the MenPUPR, the Minister of Transportation, the Head of Basarnas and BMKG as well as the Head of Traffic Coordinating Board for carrying out Eid transportation well in 2022," said Chairman of Commission V of the DPR RI, Lasarus.

Commission V of the DPR RI also asks the government and stakeholders to improve coordination in the implementation of activities in the infrastructure and transportation sector in accordance with the recommendations of Commission V of the DPR RI, among others: Increasing supervision of the feasibility of motorized vehicles, ships and aircraft, providing public street lighting facilities and infrastructure, improving services in toll roads and optimization of rest areas and rest area services, arrangement of electronic tickets, socialization of traffic engineering and massive socialization of weather to the public.

"We invite the Ministry of Transportation to conduct a study of the transportation policy scheme for handling homecoming and return flows as input for similar handling in the coming year," said Lasarus.

Meanwhile, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi also said that in general the implementation of Eid transportation in 2022 was going well. This can be seen from the results of the SMRC survey which said 76.4% of the people were satisfied with the government's work in managing Eid transportation in 2022.

"Alhamdulillah, from the results of the SMRC survey, 76.4% of the people are satisfied with the government's performance in managing Eid transportation in 2022. The President also gave notes and expressed his gratitude to all stakeholders including the DPR for carrying out well," said Minister of Transportation Budi.

Minister of Transportation Budi explained that public transportation passengers during the 2022 Eid homecoming did experience a decline of 22.6% compared to 2019. However, there were certain days where the number of passengers was higher than 2019. In addition, the number of traffic accidents decreased along with the decline in homecomers. who use motorbikes.

"The Ministry of Transportation has carried out two stages before the Eid transportation was held, namely the first survey which resulted in a very large number of people going home, the second stage conducting simulations and traffic engineering efforts," said Minister of Transportation Budi.

Traffic engineering carried out during Eid transportation in 2022 is one way, contra flow and also odd-even which has only been carried out this year. Minister of Transportation Budi conveyed that all of this success could not be separated from the coordination and collaboration carried out by all stakeholders such as the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, Korlantas Polri and the Ministry of PUPR as well as the mass media who continue to provide massive information to the public.

During the Eid transportation period, there are four crucial points that need to be considered, namely Merak-Bakauheni and Jakarta-Semarang. The density that occurs at the four points can be resolved by opening the Port of Ciwandan, Banten for an alternative port and opening a relaxation or one way when congestion occurs.

"After 4 meetings with the President and finally we were given the authority to solve the homecoming problem. However, the President forbade turning back, forbidding inspections so that we control the growing volume of vehicles. We continue to evaluate the VC (Volume to Capacity) ratio of toll roads with details to run well," explained Minister of Transportation Budi.

There are several notes on the general evaluation results on the implementation of Eid transportation in 2022, namely: There are still several problems and shortcomings in the implementation of the 2022 Homecoming, including congestion on several toll roads and accumulation at the Merak-Bakauheni crossing. Lack of interest in going home by sea due to long travel times and limited routes. The limited capacity of the free homecoming program is due to budget constraints, and it is necessary to optimize the use of information technology in the implementation of Eid transportation in the future (ticketing, monitoring, system integration).

"In the future, we will increase the free homecoming service from all modes and attract public interest to use ships to go home so that next year's homecoming can run even better," said Minister of Transportation Budi.

Also present at the working meeting at the DPR were PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono, Police Headquarters Inspector General Pol Firman Santyabudi, Head of Basarnas Marshal TNI Henri Alfiandi and BMKG Representatives. (LKW/MM/LA/HT)