Ministry of Transportation Launches South Sumatra LRT and BRT Feeder Transport, Public Transportation in Palembang is More Complete and Integrated

June 11, 2022
BRT Bus Rapid Transit Palembang

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Palembang - The Ministry of Transportation launched feeder transportation services in the form of city transportation (angkot), as feeder transportation for the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) of South Sumatra in Palembang. The presence of an angkot which is named "New Oplet Musi Emas" makes public transportation services in the city of Palembang more complete and integrated.

Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, on Saturday (11/6), symbolically handed over the keys to the feeder angkot to the Governor of South Sumatra Herman Deru and the Mayor of Palembang Harnojoyo. In the initial stage, the Ministry of Transportation handed over 29 units of feeder angkot to the South Sumatra Provincial Government and Palembang City Government.

At the beginning of its operation, this feeder service will serve two routes, namely: the first route, namely the Talang Kelapa - Talang Bad cross via Hajj Dormitory with a route length of 20.4 Km. The second route is crossing the Hajj Dormitory - Sematang Borang via Jalan Noerdin Panji with a route length of 40.2 Km. In the future, feeder route services will continue to be added.

"We continue to socialize the use of public transportation so that its presence can be utilized optimally by the community. Take public transportation so that Palembang is not congested and the air is cleaner," he said.

The Minister of Transportation explained that efforts to increase public interest in taking mass transportation cannot be carried out by the government alone. It takes a good pentahelix collaboration between the central and local governments, academics, business people, the community, and also the media.

"Therefore, today I am in Palembang with the Governor, Mayor and a number of community leaders from South Sumatra, wanting to convey a message more broadly and massively to the people of Palembang, to share the use of public transportation that has been provided," he said.

On the same occasion, the Governor of South Sumatra Herman Deru fully supports the steps taken by the Ministry of Transportation to improve the quality of public transportation services in the city of Palembang and its surroundings. "We hope that more people in Palembang and its surroundings will use public transportation," he said.

Last March, the Ministry of Transportation launched the National Movement to Return to Public Transport which was held in the city of Palembang. The city of Palembang is an example or role model of complete and integrated transportation in Indonesia, because it has complete public transportation, ranging from BRT, LRT, public transportation, to river transportation that are interconnected.

Based on the data, the number of South Sumatra LRT users is increasing. From this year to May 2022, the South Sumatra LRT passengers have reached 350 thousand passengers. This number has increased significantly compared to the pandemic period which reached 150 thousand passengers. Likewise, the occupancy rate of the Trans Musi BRT has reached more than 55 percent after the arrangement and rerouting of public transport routes in Palembang.

In addition to reducing congestion and air pollution, the presence of public transportation also increases employment opportunities. The provision of feeder angkot in Palembang also recruits 60 drivers.

At the launch of feeder transportation today, the Ministry of Transportation collaborated with a number of figures and public figures from South Sumatra, including: Helmi Yahya (public figure), Rizal Armada (musician), Jialica Maharani (DPD member), and Aquina (businessman). It is hoped that the involvement of figures from South Sumatra will further expand the invitation to use public transportation in Palembang and its surroundings.

Also present were the Director General of Railways Zulfikri, Main Staff for Land Transportation and Connectivity Budi Setiyadi, Member of the Indonesian Parliament Eddy Santana Putra, and Director of Road Transportation of the Directorate General of Land Transportation Suharto.(HH/RDL/LA/HS)